Thursday, 7 April 2011

Samsung Galaxy mini : Review

Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Mini
The world is always looking for ways to save money thanks to the blasted recession, and increasingly users are turning to cheaper handsets as a way to offset cost.
That's the theory behind the Samsung Galaxy Mini – a complete Android experience contained with a smaller footprint with some cost savings keeping the monthly fee down.
The little unit is certainly on the dinky side; you feel you could accidentally swallow it if you were inclined to put it in your mouth (or you got caught in a really dangerous bet).
Samsung galaxy mini review
The plastic-covered unit might look and feel a little budget, but that's mostly to do with the light feel of the Galaxy Mini – at only 105g it could hide in a pocket all day without being found.
The yellow plastic of the model we had on test was nicely metallic, although the overall feel of the chassis felt like it had more in common with the likes of the Samsung Genio range.
Samsung galaxy mini review
The front keys were sparse, with the main home button being the primary eye draw – this is well placed and easy to hit no matter what size of hands you're rocking.
The outer chassis shell feels a little fragile in our opinion, and the coverings for the micro-USB and microSD slots could be open to a bit of damage from time to time.
Samsung galaxy mini review
Samsung galaxy mini review
The 3.14-inch screen also suffers from the weight deficiency too, with taps and swipes, while being accurate and useful, sometimes feeling a little hollow.
However it should be firmly noted that all the above is in keeping with the budget model tag, and is perfectly acceptable for a phone that might cost as little as £15 per month.
Samsung galaxy mini review

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